Friday, February 20, 2015

"The Times" for women

I'm Getting better at recognizing what "times" and "season" mean and how we should respond to them.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 -To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven:

This verse is so powerful to me because it tells me that everything in life has it's time.  As a women, I have been guilty of trying to "do it all at one time".  I believe many of us, as women, have fellowship in this issue.  But learning everything has it's own time assigned to it, is helping me to keep things in perspective and it's keeping me from beating myself up so much. It also helps me to look for, wait for, and honor God's timing.  When women are on their menstrual cycle, that indicates that it's a time of the month to focus on some things concerning ourselves.  Cleansing,  our menstrual cycle should be a time of cleansing for us as it requires as to be particularly mindful of the cleansing of our bodies, and I believe that what is happening outwardly should also produce an expectation of a spiritual cleansing, shedding, and making anew.  Each time a woman bleeds the inner lining of her uterus is shedding and it will be replaced every month, anew. Many women want to get rid of their menstrual cycle all together, and thepharmaceutical  companies are producing products that are doing just that, in the form of "birth control".  You know what they tell you:  "You don't even need your menstrual cycle every month". Really????? Because God put it there and He says everything has a purpose.  When doctors tell you that you don't need something that God put there, especially as it pertains to being a woman, you should always lend yourself to question that.  Our cycles are just as much spiritual as they are physical.  You have shedding, you have renewal, and you have preparation.   Our monthly keeps our bodies prepared to house new life.  Understand, that does not just mean physically but also spiritually.  Women are very special in that way.  God made us to receive, carry, nourish and birth.  Our cycle should be a monthly reminder of our uniqueness as women, the way we carry God's image in the earth as women, and what our purpose is in daily life.  I also want to talk about the hormones and the mood changes.  For me, I find that it's hard for me to be as focused on my responsibilities during that time of month.  I'm more sensitive, but it's not really something I am in control of, which forces me to really build my trust in Jesus.  When there are things happening in our bodies that we have no control over, it is a grand opportunity to trust Jesus with your life, the outcome of your days, and the outcome of your children, and everything else.   You're cycle will teach you a lot about your uniqueness as a woman, spiritually.  Are you ready to listen?

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