Monday, February 16, 2015

Your "higher" calling

There is a consistency that will come into your life as you begin to discover the clarity of the voice that God gave you.  I believe we all exercise a variety of "voices" in our lives before we find our "true" voice, the voice that God gave us to speak to the "world".  I believe our "true" voice is the sum of our experiences, our unique God-given personality, and how God wants to use us to reach the world.  I believe every Christian has something with which God wants to reach the world.  See many of us never reach beyond our families.  But I don't think that's the pattern that Jesus sets for us.  He reached His family, but He was called to save the whole world .  What if Jesus was only willing to die for people in His family?  Where than would you and I be?  He does not overlook His family, because he had a role to play in his own family too, but those natural roles were too small, God always pulls you towards the "world"

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