Monday, March 16, 2015

Freedom, to die for

"Freedom" has been on my mind a lot for the past 2 to 3 weeks.  I am starting to understand why it was so important for my ancestors to fight so hard for freedom.  History tells us that "freedom" is worth dying for and God's word confirms the same, in that He sent Jesus to die on the cross for our freedom.  It is for the sake of "freedom" that Christ died to set us free.  Bringing that into the perspective of our daily lives, we have become experts on removing our own choices.  When you allow anyone or anything in this life to dictate your choices, you have given over some of your freedom to that thing or person.  It is so important that we walk in liberty (freedom) in all things.

In my life I realize I have placed limitations on myself, whereby limiting my choices in many areas of life.  Nobody else limited my choices but me.  I have told myself the "lie" that many others have told themselves:  "I just don't have time to pursue certain things, right now, in my life".  I have placed on hold, so many things in my life, because I told myself I had to wait until my children were older.  I have been under these perceptions as a wife and mother that certain things were just off limits to me, right now in my life.  But God is showing me otherwise.  He is showing me that I have to take back my freedom of choice in terms of what I do with my time and how much time I spend on certain tasks.  He has shown me that I have to line up my priorities with what is most meaningful to me and either "outsource", "minimize", or just "don't pay attention" to anything else that is not a meaningful pursuit to me. 

This is a fairly new concept to me.  As a wife and mom, I have always thought there were certain things I had to get done, no matter how much time it took on a daily/weekly basis.  That type of thinking took away my freedom of choice in terms of what I poured myself into and it has kept me from building a more meaningful life for myself and my family.  But that is in the process of changing.  Because God has shown me that I have a "right" to conduct my life, in such a way, where the things that are most meaningful to me, concerning myself and my family, get top priority and most of my time and energy.  This is my "right" that I have allowed to be taken away from me by the expectations of others, by the messages that come from the media, and by comparing myself to others.  But God has restored to me my "right" to choose how I conduct my life and where I spend my time.  Yes, folks "time" is the most important raw material by which God has given us with which to build our lives.  What kind of life you build for yourself and/or family depends upon where you spend your "time".  I have decided to cut back on the time I spend on areas in my life that are necessary but not meaningful to me, meaning that they don't nurture my soul nor the souls of my family.  I don't want to spend any more then  1 - 2hrs/day on tasks that must get done but are not meaningful to me. This is one small step I am taking towards building a more meaningful life.  Who wants to spend any more than 14 hrs/ week on any tasks that is not contributing to building a meaningful life for you and your family.   I am hoping that I can begin to evaluate every area of my  life, to line it up with my values, core beliefs, and top priorities.  I really hope this post will challenge you to reconsider what you "can" and "can't " do in your life and what you "have time" for or "don't have time" for.  I hope you will have "more time" for the meaningful things and "less time" for things that are not nurturing to you or your family.

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