Thursday, March 19, 2015

Starting again..........................

"Starting again"'s something many of us have to do at some point or another in our lives. For some people it's a new marriage after pouring your life into a previous marriage and watching it fall apart. For others, it might be finding out you are pregnant when your other children have gotten older and you weren't planning A new business, after you poured your life into a previous business that no longer exists. For others it might be starting all over again at a new church, building new relationships and finding your way around new ministries and figuring out, all over again, where you fit in.

I was never one who looked forward to "starting again".  But it's time for a "mindset adjustment" for me.  I want to enjoy my life; and "starting again" is a part of the life cycle.  It is something that God has integrated into the natural flow of life and we should flow with it.  But since this is part of life, it's even more important that we be intentional about choosing things that we are passionate about to pour ourselves into.  Because if we don't, we will always struggle when "Starting again" circles around. I am currently "starting again" in an area of my life and I hit a wall of discouragement yesterday that really made me realize that this time around whatever I do, it has to be done in ways that I enjoy!!!!  I think this applies to any area of life.  Many of us are scared of starting things again because of the way we did it the first time around.  I am learning that in the big areas of life you have to be yourself and do things in a way that best suits who God made you to be.  We need to learn to enjoy the areas of life that are most important.  Marriage, parenting, your career, building a business, serving in ministry, your relationship with God, your personal recreation,  and your life at home.  I have found that there is alot of pressure in these areas, much of this pressure can cause us to compare ourselves to others, to measure our own success by what others are doing, and to try to please others.  These prisons keep us from being ourselves in these very important areas of life where "starting again"  will happen in one form or another.  Who wants to start anything over again if you don't enjoy it the first time around.  Although this life is not the end, and there is another life to come, this life is still very important and I believe that we need to get really good at "being ourselves"  so when the time comes to "start again" in any area we are excited about it.

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