Friday, March 20, 2015

Stay away from "desperation

You can't make money when you think you "need" money.  You can't create out of desperation.  You have to have a mindset where you know "God" provides for your every need.  Oddly enough, God doesn't want you to pursue business because you "need" money, but rather because it's where He is leading you.  When you are in a desperate place, financially, the worst thing you can do is to turn to business "first", you have to turn to God first.  He will take care of the money.

Let me tell you why God doesn't want you to create anything out of desperation:
1.  It impairs your judgement.
2.  You rush through your learning process.  You go from being excited about learning something to being in a rush to produce something.
3. You are looking to something other than God to be your source.
4.  Desperation impedes the creative process

This can actually apply to any area of life, whether it's parenting, business, marriage, homemaking......................any area.

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