Friday, March 27, 2015

Think like a "sower"

Life..........let's see, God will have you to spread the gifts that He has put in you, far and wide.  But they go forth as seeds.  The bible says that God gives seed to the sower.  I think it's important to know that they go forth as seeds, so you don't expect this immediate return.  Seeds need to be watered and they don't sprout right away.  You have to keep watering them and after some time they begin to sprout.  The reason I say this is because when we remember that  God gives us gifts to spread forth, far and wide in the form of seeds, we allow our patience to grow with joy.

The mindset of the "sower" is a challenge in the "microwave" culture we live in.  It is especially hard when you are at the helms of a new endeavor.  It's much easier to jump on somebody else's boat, then it is to drive your own and I think that's the reason why some of us shy away from some of the things that are on our hearts to do.  When something doesn't have a physical form yet, it can be very discouraging to get started building what God wants you to build.  It is much easier to find something that has already been built and try to work through that.  I don't think there is anything wrong with starting there.  Sometimes the main thing is, to just start.  However, many times you will continue to get pointed back to something bigger that God has in you.

There are "vehicles" that will help you to learn more about what God is calling you to do.  Don't be nervous about getting in somebody else's vehicle when it comes to ministry or business, before you begin building your own "vehicle".  Sometimes practicing your gifts and talent's in somebody else's vehicle will clarify what you want your "own" vehicle to look like and how you want to drive it.  Even when you are practicing your gifts and talents through somebody else's vehicle you are still spreading those "seeds" that God has given you.

But many of us are like "I don't have time to wait for seeds to sprout, I need something to happen now!".  Be careful about saying what you don't have, even when it comes to "time".  Don't speak lack over your life even in terms of time.  Try to get far away from thinking you need to produce something "now".  Stay away from the "spirit of desperation".  Remember God does not lead you in a endeaver because He needs that ministry, business, or opportunity to provide for you.  God doesn't need any of that to provide for you.  He leads His people in these types of endeavers because He has deposited His gifts in us, to spread to the world.  In your mind, begin to separate what you are pursuing, from God's provision in your life.  His provision for your life depends on Him, and Him alone.  When you begin to focus on the fact, that whatever God has you doing, it is specifically to spread your gifts to the world;  your product will reach further and wider than you could ever imagine. Check my sidebar for my "Additional services" to help you grow and build, added daily. 

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