Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Balence and prospering with the Lord

As I considered everything in my life, discovering a new balance;  I realized that if the Lord is sustaining something allow Him to do sustain it,  if there is something that is not being sustained, don't worry about it.
I looked up the definition for "sustain" and I got the following definition: support, hold, or bear up from below;bear the weight of, as a structure
 I also think it means a constant supply or movement of God in  area.  After I realized that, the scripture below came to mind:

Psalm 127 - Laboring and Prospering with the Lord
127 Unless the Lord builds the house,
They labor in vain who build it;
Unless the Lord guards the city,
The watchman stays awake in vain.

Many times there are alot of things that I'm tempted to focus on in my life.  So much I want to do with my family, ministry, business, etc.  But God has helped me realize over and over again that I need to focus on where He is focused and not try to focus on it all.  The Holy Spirit leads us where God wants us to focus.  I normally get very tired when I'm trying to focus on everything instead of just where God wants me to focus.  Try to cooperate as much as possible in the areas where God is prospering you and showing you favor.  As you do this, remember Psalm 127  says that God gives His beloved rest.   God's purpose in your life is not suppose to wear you out or stress you out.  That's where operating in grace comes in.  As you labor and prosper with the Lord, it's not like the world.  You do it under the umbrella of grace.  I have learned what operating under grace means in some areas of my life, but there are others where I'm just learning.  Business is one of those areas, where I'm learning.  I think that as we work, our mindset has to be such that we are not doing it to sustain it.  We have to work with the knowing that God is sustaining it.  I think keeping this in mind will help us to move forward in the graceful style of peace and rest.  I think when we are trying to sustain something, we don't get to step back and watch God.  I think it's through watching God sustain something despite our weakness, that we are able to exercise more of an ease in our lives.  I also think it will even help us to be more effective when we work because there will be more of a confidence in God's favor.  I believe this attitude will take the drudgery out of the work.  This is something that I have been exercising in so many areas of my life already, however the more God expands you the more you have to grow in this area, you have to allow yourself to be styled more and more in a wardrobe of grace if you are to continue to prosper and move forward.   

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