Saturday, April 4, 2015

God sees

A long time ago, God told Noah to build a boat ( a ark).  He told Noah it was going to rain.  Now it had never rained in the earth prior to that, so no person including Noah had ever seen rain.  This boat that God told Noah to build was to be huge.  So Noah's ark was not built in a matter of days.  Scriptures show that it probably took over 50 years to build the ark.  So for over 50 years, Noah and his family were building this huge boat for it to rain, having never seen 1 drop of rain.  But you know Who had seen the rain, God had seen the rain.  God sees!!  Sometimes we feel like we need to see a sign before we act on something.  But, if you know God is leading you, then know that He sees, what you don't see.  He prepares you for blessings and for the storms that will turn into blessings.

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