Thursday, April 16, 2015

Satan and focusing on Jesus

I can assure you of something that is definitely going to happen when God starts moving in an area of your life and answering prayer; the devil will try to distract you.  When God starts moving in areas of our lives, our focus gets drawn to God.  That's what God wants, He wants us to focus on Jesus.  But many times as we start to make progress in an area, that we have been praying about, the devil comes and starts pointing out things in other areas.  The devil will use your children, he will try to draw attention to your children in ways where you start to question things that you shouldn't be questioning  He will use your house or he will try to get you to focus on what others might think of you. The enemy loves to come against any seed that God has deposited inside you, with an opposing seed. The enemy will come to you in a very suggestive way.  In a way that leaves you doubting.  When God speaks to you or shows you something, it will leave you with a sense of certainty and of peace.  When the enemy comes in to distract you, it will leave you with doubt, instability, fear, and focused on  yourself.  When God shows you something, it will lead to you being focused on God.  When the enemy shows you something, it will get your focus onto yourself.  Normally it's a focus on your perceived weaknesses or where you are coming up short.  The enemy will also try to come against your endurance by asking "how long can you keep this up".  That's a big one!!  The devil wants to derail you before you get where you're going.  Normally if you start something new in your life from God, the enemy will come in very strategically in his timing.  He will wait until you have labored enough where you could be tempted to quit, but still yet in the infant stages of what God is doing.  He will come to you when your dream is still fragile but you have labored enough where you would be tempted to question how long you can keep the labor up.  The enemy will come in right before you hit your stride, right before you are in your "sweet spot".  It is right in that rough patch where the enemy gets many people and steals, kills, and destroys dreams.  Don't let him do it to you.  When you hit that rough patch; remember it's just a "patch".  It will not be long-lived.  When the attacks you in this way, that rough patch can feel like forever, but it's not, it's very through it.  When Peter walked on water to come to Jesus, and he looked around and saw the wind and the waves, that moment felt so much longer to Peter than just a moment and he took his focus off Jesus and focused on the wind and the waves and that's when he sank.  Jesus said, "Why did you doubt".  There are times where we have to have tunnel vision that is only focused on Jesus, so we can get through the rough patches, right to our "sweet spot".  Trust me, God know where your "sweet spot" is in every area of your life.  After all, He is the one that gave you your "sweet spot" in the first place.  Be blessed!!!

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