Saturday, May 2, 2015

Don't curse the grounds of your trials

James 1:4 - "But let patience have it's perfect work, that you may be perfect, complete, and lacking nothing". 

"Patience" is the only virtue that can destroy the lack in your life.  If you don't exercise patience you will always experience "lack".  I think many of us have this "lack" that seems to always be creeping around in our lives.  Not necessarily taking up alot of space, but it's there.  We can't seem to shake it.  Some of us have to come to accept it as just what "you have to deal" with.  What's the saying; "That's just life".  I'm not one to settle easily, especially when God has given me precious promises in my heart and when He has shown me His goodness, in the land of the living.  What is that place on the other side of lack?  What is it like on the other side of "lack". 

Many of us hate the word "patience".  In the microwave culture we live in, we all want everything fast.  This mentality is creating much lack and debt in our life in many areas.  But allowing patience to take precedence in your life is the only way to destroy lack in your life.  It's the only way, I'm telling you.  Many of us don't even want to agree to have patience, until someone tells us "how long" we have to wait.  We want details.  Well, patience means waiting and trusting God without the details.  According to the bible, the way that we get patience is through the "testing of our faith"

James 1:3 - knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. 

We don't want any tests either right?  So we stay in lack because instead of counting it all joy when we fall into trials that test our faith, we detest the trials and resent God for it; because of that, we never receive all that is ours to receive.  We "curse" the grounds of our trials, causing them to be a place of unproductive soil in our lives.  God says that these trials are what test our faith, and that it is through that testing, that we produce patience and that patience will produce such a perfect work in our lives that all lack will be destroyed, slowly but surely.   We must stop "cursing" the ground of our trials.  Allow it to be become fruitful, productive, fertile soil in your life.  Wouldn't you love to look around you and see nothing but "provision", instead of looking around you and seeing nothing but "lack"?  You have to change how you view the "grounds of your trials".  We have to start to see our trials as something that is going to produce provision in our lives.  We have to see the grounds of our trials as the source by which all lack will be destroyed in our lives.  We have to look at those grounds as the soil that is going to produce everything we need in our lives. We have to stop seeing it as "just a trial" or  "just a rough patch".  It is so much more.  This is where everything you need resides, in order for you to live an amazing, miraculous, overcoming life.  The grounds of your trials is also where your treasure is, but you gotta search it out.

Proverbs 25:2
It is the glory of God to conceal a matter,
But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.  

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