Monday, July 6, 2015


Many people if you asked them they wouldn't be able to tell you what they would really love to do with their lives.  Most of us are even afraid to even think that we could do what we truly dream of doing.  We are afraid because:
1.  What if we can never have that which we dream of?
2.  What if I admit to what I really want and I'm not able to pursue it?

I am reading a book that points out that saying "yes" to the one big thing we really want to do, ultimately means saying "no" to alot of other things.  It also means blocking large amounts of time to grow in that area, so we can perfect and master our craft.  Many of us see things as something we just want to do, not something we want to master.  I am learning in my own life that not choosing "the one big thing", in your life, that you want to pursue on a personal level, leads to a life that is kind of all over the place and searching for one's purpose.

In the area of personal development, to choose one thing to spend basically a lifetime developing seems a little extreme right?  Well,I think it sounds a bit extreme, but what if you want extraordinary results in your life?  I have seen the "ordinary" results in the lives of others and my own life, and ordinary is great for a little while but "ordinary" does not seem to be feeding my soul's purpose anymore. I crave more!!!!  Do you??  I don't think there's anything wrong with anyone who doesn't crave more out of life.   I don't think it's about right and wrong, when it comes to this.  I think it's about the individual person and we were each created in the image of God to reflect something different about Him.  It's important to not be afraid of your "craving" for more, but rather explore it.  See what it's all about.  Get more acquainted with what's in your heart.  It can take a very long time, so get started now and take the first step.  Some of us are so scared to take that first step because we know that as soon as they acknowledge what's in their heart, it's going to change their lives and we are not all ready for such a drastic change yet.  That's ok too.  I have realized that if you don't, there will come a point where you start shrinking as a person instead of growing.  You will start to experience "shrinkage" in all the important relationships around you.  My relationships with God and those closest to me are really what's most important in my life.  I'm even at a place in my own life, where I know I have to move forward in my own heart's desires or I will start to experience "shrinkage" in my own life, as an individual.  We have specific seasons in our lives that are optimal for growth, but if we are not careful, to move on when it's time, those same seasons can stunt your growth and you can begin to shrink instead of grow.  My question for you and myself is "Where do I have to go,
in order to grow?"  As a mom and wife, I spend most of my time tending to the needs of my family.  But I'm realizing that if I don't grow, my family will suffer.

Ande Carr
Coach & Trainer

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