Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Making life easier

Making life easier.....................Somewhere along the way I think it was instilled in me that life was not suppose to be easy, nor should you seek to make life easy.  I am learning that as God brings more into my life, that I have to seek to make life easier in ways where it is possible.  In the past, self-righteousness has kept me from taking the "easy way out".  No, there was so much I wanted to do myself and I thought I was suppose to be able to do myself.  If I couldn't do it myself, that made me a "bad mom" or a "bad wife".  But that self-righteous attitude can rob you from what God truly has in store for you and your family.  That attitude even robs your family.  Learn to ask yourself, everyday "What is the ONE thing I could do today that would make everything else easier or unnecessary?".  The answer might not come to you right away, but if you speak that question out, as your morning progresses, the answers will come.  Asking the right questions at the beginning of your day will give you answers that will make your day run much smoother.  It re-trains your brain to think differently about your day.

We all come to various crossroads in our lives at different points in our lives.  Those crossroads are a blessing from God.  I think it's God giving us an opportunity to look at the path that we have been on, examine where that path has taken us and how we feel about where our current path has taken us.  Then there are options in front of us.  Do we want to keep going on our current path?  Are we happy with the fruits of our current path?  Do we think our current path has anything else to  offer us or our family?  Is our current path going to produce what God wants to produce in our lives in this season?  These questions will help us to determine whether or not it's time to get on another path.  It's not always time.  But God helps us determine when it's time.  He will give us wisdom as we ask these questions.  "Crossroads" are God's way of having us to ask the questions that He wants to answer for us.

As we go about life, the areas where we benefit from "pushing" ourselves, change from one season to the next. If you have been pushing yourself in a certain area for years and you were growing as a result of it, but you have stopped growing.  That's a red flag that it's probably time to focus on a different area of your life.

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