Sunday, July 12, 2015

Monday under control

As I look at the fact that Monday is less than 12 hours away, I'm examining how I feel going into my week.  I'm a feeling tired?  Am I feeling intimidated?  Am I feeling spiritually built up?  Am I ready?  I have to decide tonite (Sunday) that I am not going to be all over the place in my focus, I have to reign all the creative energy in to focus on the main areas of my life right now.  I need to get through my day with 2 young children home with me.  I need to bring my motivation and energy also into the one thing I'm focused on in my professional life.  Honestly, when I look at Monday, I need to be prepared to be there for my kids and set a healthy pace for their day and I need to handle my business matters for a couple hours when my kids are having downtime. That's really it!!!  If Monday has got you down or overwhelmed.  If your to-do list is too long,  think about one thing in each area, that by doing it, it will make everything else easier or unnecessary.  I guarantee that your list will get very short.  Look, my house could definitely be cleaner, my laundry is not folded and dirty clothes are piling up again.  I have dishes and pots in the sink, as we speak that need to be washed.  My black kitchen counters show every inch of dirt the way only "black counters" can show it. Trust me I could have many things on my to-do list tomorrow.  But guess what?  I only have 2 things.  It's the 2 things that will make everything else easier or unnecessary.  My 2 things are
1.  Get my kids out of the house to burn off some energy for a little while
2.  Make cold calls for my business and one of my clients for 2 hours

THat's it!  Get the kids out the house and make cold calls.  "Everything else" doesn't make it onto the list.  Because getting my 2 main things done will make the "everything else" easier.  

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