Monday, September 14, 2015

Start fresh by forgiving yourself

Did you know that every morning you wake up with new baby nerve cells, in your brain, that have been born while you were sleeping; and that these are at your disposal to be used in tearing down toxic thoughts and rebuilding healthy thoughts.  According to the book, "Switch on Your Brain", the birth of these new baby nerve cells is called neurogenesis, which brings to mind the following scripture:
Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed,
Because His compassions fail not.
23 They are new every morning;
Great is Your faithfulness.

"They are new every morning".  To understand that God produces something tangible to carryout His word in our lives is just amazing!!!

Many times when I fall off the wagon, concerning anything that I'm suppose to be doing in life, I get discouraged and beat myself up and that just keeps me from getting back on the path that I need to be on.  What I am learning to do now is to remember that I get a "fresh start".  Remember that God has destined us for "fresh starts".  A "fresh start" is a part of your destiny and my destiny.  Even if you messed up royalty today, you can leave that behind and know that you can still be great tomorrow.  Don't allow the guilt that results from messing up, to hold you back from the greatness that God has placed in you.   You have to forgive yourself, just as God forgave you in Christ.  God wants us to make forgiving ourselves such a lifestyle, that our mess ups don't shake us anymore.   He wants you to be free from your mistakes. He doesn't want the mistakes that you make to control and guide your future behavior; and the only way that can happen is to forgive yourself everyday.  In God's mercy we get to start with a fresh slate everyday, as long as we don't continue to remember our mistakes in such a way that they hold us hostage.  I have been held hostage to my own mistakes in the past; and that really held me back.  I just realized that I have to allow myself to be free from the mistakes I make on a daily basis.  I can't let them define me and I can't let them lead me to believe that somehow I have gotten off coarse.  The only way that your mistakes can take you off the right path, is if you let them.  The only way you can let them, is by not forgiving yourself.  When you forgive yourself, daily, of every mistake that you have made, you are free to keep moving forward in your life.  If you don't, you might find yourself standing still in some areas.  Choose a "fresh slate".  Forgive yourself daily.

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