Friday, March 9, 2012

Thus far the Lord has helped me

Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Shen, and called its name Ebenezer, saying, Thus far the Lord has helped us. (1 Samuel 7:12 NKJV)

The above scripture really spoke to me today. Samuel used a stone to remind him. I thought about myself. Thus far the lord has surely helped me. What can I give to the lord because of his faithfulness. I believe that I should give him more of my trust. I should trust him more. I think I should turn over more control to him, even though God has the power to control everything, he allows us to give over control of our lives to him. He does not just take it. We all have a problem wanting to be in control.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weaving it together

Our lives are a bunch of strands that god has already weaved together to accomplish his perfect plan. MuY husband and I just bought a new house. There is so drying very uncommon about what took place with this beautiful home. As we spent days and weeks here some things started to unravel about what god had done. First we get this beautiful home. The people who "lived" seem to have impeccable taste in decor and the house is so clean. It is like walking through a model home. Once we buy the house, the people want to sell everything in it instead of taking it with them. We basically moved into a home thAt was fully decorated from top to bottom. We actually figured the people living here had brought in a custom decorator. But as time has passed another story has begun to unfold about this home. This home was built in 2007. It is fairly new and I believe the couple was here with their teenage daughter for at least 4 years. It is funny because I am not really the detective type but little things have made me raise questions. I believe it is god not me, because he wants us to see in intricate detail how this was something he began doing for us years ago. Well, while we have beautiful curtains in our home the other part of the window treatments raised some questions. As I began to need toadjust the window treatments to let more light in, firstni realized that these window treatments did not get adjusted. The people living here never adjusted the curtains or window coverings. I said to myself, "wow, how could they have not wanted to raise and lower what seemed to be temporary coverings" which leads to my next point. While the curtains are great quality, the window coverings were like paper coverings that they place in model homes for show. Because they are paper, if you adjustnthem a lot they get wrinkles and even little holes. Their coverings did not seem to even have been touched. Tell me thatnis not odd. These people had a teenage daughter. This continued to baffle me. While the home is in excellent condition. There were little things that had never been done to the home, little maintenance things like the gutters never cleaned, the house has built in humidifier (it is a green house) the filter had ne er been changed or cleaned. The fireplace needs to be serviced and the hot water heater needs to be serviced. The house is extremely clean, the window treatments seem barely touched, stuff hasn't been serviced and a teenger lived here, really??? Ten I srtart really payingnattention to the wall decor. It fitsmthe house perfectly that is why we bought it from the owner. When really started looking at it I realized it was like it was too perfect, fitted too well with the house. We purchased their formal living room and the plants are artificial which is perfect for us because of noah's allergies. Our basement is decked out with framed movie posters to fit every taste. I have discovered that these people bought the modle house in this neighborhood and purchased most of the fur other and decor that was used to stage the home. But what is baffling is that they purchased this beautiful home with all the fixings and appears they have barely used the home. It is almost like godmused them to holdmis home just for us. They had another property in crouton thatni guess they were renting ut. Check this out, it was a short sale. S we basically purchased a model home with all the fixings in a short sale. Basically it has come to my attention that god started to orchestrate this for us some time ago. But god does that with a lot of things right. He does, but ther is something special he wants me to know about this in pRticular. Somethingthatni think will build my faith and be a thorough testimony. God did something unique here. He is still showing the details.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The need to blog

When I started this blog, it was suppose to be "my space". My specifically, my therapeutic space.I very seldomky give myself this time. I do my devotional and rush off to start my day. Without this space I often time neglect the deep reflection I need to keep things in perspective. It is very easy to loose yourself in motherhood when u have alike one home with u. Yet I know Noah is exactly where she is suppose to be. My devotional time with God has been rich and full of wisdom, strength and peace. God is helping me to know what I need and when I need it. As a mom and wife u cannot get caught up in thinking that u need certain things all time. I try to stY away from advice that says things like " I need 1 day a month to myself". While I do think there are those time where you need that "me time". I think we are all different and I also think God let's u known what u need to be refreshed and how often we need it. By nature I think a lot of us want to put things in a system. Or when we do something and it really works wonders in our lives we tend ton feel like we need it all the time or on a regular basis. I am finding that is not is not how God dire ts and guides me. I am also learning that, while children take upna huge space in my thoughts and concerns. There Re days where I need to give my mind a break from those thoughts and concerns and focus on other things. The needs of children can easily overwhelm and take over and they will always be there and there are times some of those needs aphave to go unmet for your own spiritual and emotional health.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Trying not to feel overwhelmed. Just moved and I still haveto change all my address informationnon different things. Have a baby on the way in l2 months going to see a new doctor next week. Have 2 kids and do not have a pediatrician here yet. I have a Disney trip to start planning for October. Nervous about labor, the hospital, and plans for my 4 year old. I basically just want peace concerning all this. I want to be able to take things u2 day at a time and it be enough.

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