Sunday, September 14, 2014

Totally revelational

Sometimes God takes us out of a particular behavioral pattern in our lives,  it's not always because that particular behavior is "bad".  But it could be getting in the way of God showing you Who He is in a specific area of your life.  He wants to remove you, show you what He is able and willing to do for you; and then put you back so you can walk in greater faith in that area.  I see a picture in my mind of a big hand that represents God's hand.  I see God's hand with a tiny person in it;  and God is lifting them up and out of something.  Then I see that same hand of God holding that same tiny person placing them back down;  then that hand of God sets the tiny person back down, gently brushes them off, like and parent would do when a child falls and gets dirty, then sends them their way.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Our relationship with words

We have very strong relationships with word patterns.  Meaning that, there are certain statements that we make all the time.  Some of the relationships we have are not good relationships and they produce bondage on top of bondage in our lives.  As I am trusting God to change how I speak, I am also discovering how my words affect my faith.  A simple question  like "What are we going to do if.........?  I feel the need to ask these types of questions a lot.  I want to be prepared.  What exactly do I want to be prepared for?  What am I anticipating?  These are good explorations because it helps us discover why we say the things we say.  Sometimes God brings you to a point where He wants you to stop trying to be prepared for everything and start trusting Him.  He just wants to show us that He totally has our back.  He wants to grow our faith.  That might mean stepping away from some of the reliance we have on our own ability to "plan" and just let God take over.  "Planning" in and of itself is not bad, it's not bad at all.  However, there are times in our lives.  There are times where God is saying " Let Me take over for awhile so I can grow your faith and show you what I can do".

1 Peter 3:10 For“He who would love lifeAnd see good days,Let him refrain his tongue from evil,And his lips from speaking deceit. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Faith I didn't know

I have had some experiences in my life, God knows I have.  But nothing compared to the prison that consisted of emotions, thoughts, fears, doubts, etc.! I have been in the prison of anxiety, the prison of depression, the prison of thinking too much about things.  So many prisons,  too numerous to count.  I thought I needed them all.  My prisons protected me from the elements,  what would I do if I looked around and I didn't have the 4 walls rom protect me.  Without these walls I would feel so exposed, so vulnerable.  But God is showing me something.  The world has raised us to believe our skeptic, worrisome nature is necessary to survive in this world, to succeed, and to protect the one's we love.  The last 2 days I haven't been feeling well,  very nauseous and it was draining the life out of me, I wasn't enjoying anything because I just didn't feel well,  and I hate it when something like that happens that is out of my control.  Today as I felt better,  the Holy Spirit started talking to me about faith. He started to encourage me to stop thinking about tomorrow, what you have to do; and if all is going well, enjoy it!!  Enjoy it by faith.  Live in the "good".  Not somewhere between the good and the evil.  Live in the freedom of faith, not somewhere between faith and worry.  I've heard some of this before,  but I think God is finally showing me how to actually do it.  We worry about problems that don't even exist.  We do things "just in case". I can't live the "just in case", "I want to make sure", "what if" life anymore.  It has been a prison.  If "all is well" than "all is well!!!  Life is good for my family and I, and I will not apologize for it.  Life has not always been good for me. I have seen evil days and those days are behind me.  God has good and only good in store for my family and I.  He says that He is good.  He says He has good plans for us.  He says His plans are not to harm us.  I have moved from the "some good days and some bad days street" to "good days and only good days avenue".  There are those who would "love life and see good days". Not feeling well this time around,  really made me want to live life a different way.  Here is the revelation that came today:
I have heard so many people say things "in faith" and nothing happen.  I have heard people speak "positive" and end up with a life full of stress and "labors". What keeps me from living the "let go" life of complete faith?  I'm scared nothing will happen.  That would be true if I wasn't a believer in Christ, sealed by the Holy Spirit.  But because I am sealed, signed, and delivered in Christ; when I let go, that's when the "good life" happens.  This is for me, I can't speak for anyone else.  I have been challenged by God to see "good" days.  That only happens when you choose to relax and enjoy God's goodness.  We have a world of people who try to keep you from doing that.  And when you talk about it, they will shut you down and spike your thoughts with the evil in the world.  These people are uncomfortable with the "quiet" life.  These people think you have to be "ambitious".  They say "Is that all you do all day?"  They are uncomfortable with the lack of "activity" in your life.  They believe more in an "accomplished" life then a "good life".  Some of these people believe more in a "sacrificial" life than a "good" life.  God says that He desires "mercy" not "sacrifice". God wants a relationship with us, that's all.  It's what we were created for.  He does want us to  live life and "see good days".  Look it up in the bible.  A lot of Christians agree with the live life part, but the "see good days" part will cause some to be conflicted.  They will say "Well, what exactly does that mean?"  Instead of taking it at face value and believing God for it, we are suspicious of it.  I'll leave you with this.

1 Peter 3:10 
For“He who would love lifeAnd see good days,Let him refrain his tongue from evil,And his lips from speaking deceit. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Where do "natural currents" take you?

Natural current of everything in our world is towards decay and corruption and if you don't come against those natural currents with the word of God everything in your life will naturally flow that way.  Everything meaning your finances, your body, your health, your energy, your children, your home, your family, your marriage, your job, your business. EVERYTHING.  We really have to speak the word of God over everything in our lives, but in addition, we have to speak the Word of God into our children.  Talking to our children about the Word of God is like planting seeds, if you are not planting good seeds, trust the devil will gladly take over and plant bad seeds. 

I've entered a new stage with my daughter who is 6 going on 7 yrs old.  I have seen her bad attitudes and her whining and pouting escalate over the last month and it has started to really trouble me.  One of the main reasons it troubles me is because I love her and I know that these attitudes are causing her to not be able to be thankful for all the blessings that she has.  If she is not thankful, then she is incapable of enjoying her life.  Today, I was upset about all this and troubled.   I had to take some luxuries away from her like her time on the ipad, plus I had to tell her that she was to stay in her room today.  Sometimes separating a child from their family for a time will help them appreciate the company of their family more.  But what was on my heart is that I couldn't just leave her to herself during this time of punishment.  I had to take the opportunity to invest in her and pour into her, like God does with me.  Noah (my daughter) and I have done devotional time reading the bible for years, but this was the first time we sat down and truly had a bible study and this was the first time I was able to use God's word to give her something that she could start using right now.  See many times as kids get older, parents feel like they are free to not have to spend as much time taking care of the kids.  I am finding that the opposite is true.  While there is less time with some of the grooming, dressing and physical upkeep, there is more time that is necessary to talk about feelings, what we do with those feelings, how to stay focused on the right things, and more time is necessary to help them to nurture their own relationship with God. A child left to themselves, no matter how much you "discipline them"  will automatically go with the natural current of the world; decay and corruption.


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