Saturday, December 31, 2011

Still on my mind

The things that remain deeply engraved in my heart are the things I talk about on this blog all the time
The immense importance of my role in my husband's life and that I continue growing into the helper that God wants me to be to him.
As a mother that while knowing I cannot do it all; thatmi continue to give attention to the areas of my childrens lives that are most important. Their relationship with God, my relationship with them, and that they are being nurtured and developing in order to fulfill God's purpose for their lives.
As a woman that I am being all the woman that God designed me to be. There is a beauty, a gentleness, a confidence, a love for others that God desires me to have and I want to embody that

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Eternal beings

Whether you believe it or not, every human being on this earth is an eternal being. When we die, we will all be raised up again to eternal life. The question is "Where are you going to end up spending eternity?". Will you be with God because you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior or will you be separated from God in a place of torment the bible refers to as "hell". You may not want to believe it, but contrary to popular belief the "truth" is not relative. It will happen whether you believe it or not. I am 100% sure about that. The reason I am even talking about this is because even as "Christians" sometimes we have to be reminded that our life on this earth is a short breadthe compared to the eternity we will spend with god. So don't get so caught up. As you enjoy your life here, remember "This is not all there is."&

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gave up for the weekend

It has become very clear to me that in our home, the weekends are not for cleaning house but rather for messing up house. So on Monday's the cleanup mission from the weekend starts. I am finally making peace with this fact. The family and I are normally spending time together on the weekends. we relax, we play, we go out, we try to just have fun and enjoy each other. Lifer gets so busy and we do try to keep our time together and with other family members in tact.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

My husband, my brother???

My devotional challenged me with 2 things. 

1.  The Word of God says that as husband and wife we are to love each other as brothers and sisters in Christ

2.  It asks why some Christians treat other Christians friends outside their home better than the ones in their own homes.

Obviously, my husband is much more than my brother in Christ, but I shouldn't let it cancel out that part of our relationship.  I think the marriage part of our relationship can interfere with the "loving like a brother in Christ" part of our relationship.  Obviously it is easier with the people outside our homes because we are not exposed to them in such an intimate way on a daily basis; and they are not exposed to us.  Dealing with the flaws in our spouse and the exposure of our own flaws on a daily basis can be difficult.  But I think this reminder helps.  Maybe I need to figure out how to still keep my love for my husband as a brother in Christ in tact apart from the marital issues that would seek to interfere with that.  Maybe on that note there needs to be a degree of separation of the 2 even though in marriage they are intermingled. But I feel like when you have an argument or something upsets you or offends you, before you respond you can ask yourself........."How would I respond to a brother in Christ?   I feel like if I could give attention to that relationship within the context of our marriage it would be much richer.  The bottom scriptures will help me I know!!

Hebrews 13:5, Hebrews 13:7 KJV Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

7 Remember them which have the rule over you, who have spoken unto you the word of God: whose faith follow, considering the end of their conversation.

The scriptures above remind me that since Jesus will never leave me or forsake me, I have all I need and I should be content with everything else in my life. and they also remind me to pay attention to the results of my husbands faith and follow his lead.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What do you do with your weaknesses????

For the last 2 days my devotionals have focused on delegation.  First with Moses and today with the apostles.  As my family is growing and my daughter is getting older, we are getting busier.  As a homemaker I have strengths and weaknesses. I'm not as organized as some people might be.  I'm not able to keep or clean house as efficiently as others.  I do have strengths as a homemaker, but that is not what I'm focused on right now.  I was meditating on this whole thing about delegation that keeps coming up with me lately..  I asked God "Well is there always a way to delegate, and what do you do when you can't delegate. The thing that came to mind was a scenario about a Choir Director.  Lets say there saw a person who knew they were called to be the Choir Director at their church.  They knew they were called to this role and so did everyone else in the church.  However, it was a small church and they did not have anyone to play the piano for the choir.  Now the "Choir Director"  could play the piano but was not that great.  The "Choir Director" plays the piano for the choir until they find someone else.  But the "Choir Director" does not decide to perfect his piano skills because that is not what he is called to do.  He is just filling in until someone else can take over.  . 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Just as I was about to jump in

Just as I was preparing to try to be super woman and jump into my tasks today, god sends me a reminder in Exodus 18:17,18. Moses's Father-in-law tells him that he is doing to much and it is not good for him. God saw my wheels turning this morning and he knew I was about to take on much more Than I should and it was like he was saying to me "ande I know what you're thinking so let me just stop you right now and tell you that what you are thinking you are going to do today is going to be too much, so just go ahead and slow it down before you even get started". While I believe god appreciated my intentions for the day, I don't think he would appreciate my ignoring his warning.

Good Morning Mondays!

I pamper my little girl to show her how much I love her.  When she wakes up in the morning, I carry her downstairs with my robe wrapped around her.  Then I snuggle her on the couch and warm her up while we chat for a little while.  Then when I've warmed her up I lay her on the couch with her blanket, turn on her favorite shows and get her some breakfast.  I shower her with love and attention before she gets sent off to school for the day.  At school she experiences a lot of good things but also some difficult things.  She has a little girl that insists on making it clear to Noah that she doesn't like her and is not her friend.  Noah doesn't have to say anything to her or even be near her, the girl will come over to Noah just to badger her.  Noah handles it well, but I can tell it's starting to get to her.  I'm going to talk to the teacher about it, to see what she advises.  Because I am of the believe that kids should be taught that while it's ok to not like someone, it's not ok to badger them about not liking them when they are not bothering you.  Either way, my baby goes out into her own little world.  It's not always nice.  While I'm proud of the way she handles herself, I know that she is still only 4 years old and needs mommy to step in at times, to keep things from getting overwhelming for her.  Praying that God gives me wisdom today as I approach her teacher.  My goal is not to get this little girl in trouble, because there is obviously something bothering her that has nothing to do with Noah.  I feel bad for her.  But I'm hoping the teacher can put some type of boundaries in place so this situation doesn't turn into a bullying situation for Noah.  It's sad that you have to address something like this at such a young age.  Kids go through so much now and they don't know how to handle it,   but you have to protect your own children.  God will give you wisdom on when and how to do that.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Parenting, personal note

Proverbs 3:12 - For whom the Lord loves, He corrects, just as a son in whom He delights
Hebrews 12:11 - all discipline for the moment seems not to be joyful, but sorrowful; yet to those who are trained by it, afterwards it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness.

I believe the above scriptures do not only help us in our parenting but also in our own relationship with our father in heaven.

My daughter turned 4 last week, the two main factors in parenting that I have seen yield the best fruit is sharing the word of God with her on a regular basis, through devotionals designed for her age; and the second is disciplining from a place of love. With an emphasis on making sure it comes from a place of love.

In my own experiences I have realized that there are some different emotions you can experience as a parent when a child misbehaves. There is anger, there is disappointment, there is grief, and there is also compassion. I believe all these emotions have their place in our relationship with our children. But I have seen the best fruit come from discipline when it comes from the place of compassion. I have been amazed by how quickly and how much her behavior improves as a result of loving, consistent, discipline. It is really hard to do it sometimes, because I just don't always feel like it. It has become a labor of love for me. I love her and ultimately I know that following through with discipline will help her in her relationship with god and really set her up to be able to come under God's covering and guidance. It will teach her not to despise His chastisement. I also find that Noah is a lot happier after she has had to go through a period of discipline. Most of the time we do timeouts or take away privileges; but ever so often my husband has to intervene and give a spanking. He hates doing it, but he loves Noah so very much and he knows when she needs it. I stay away from spanking because it is to emotional for me. While Reggie is able to do it with a very level head.

The world today is not very good at encouraging discipline with our children, but I just want to encourage parents to do what is best for their children now so they can grow to be happy, successful adults. I want Noah to grow up to have 3 things:
1. To know how much she is loved by God and her mommy and daddy
2. With a sense of security and safety that comes from being God's care
3. The self-control that is necessary to be successful in the Lord and in life

Sunday, November 27, 2011

One day at a time and small steps

Kids are all wired differently.  Just like adults, they have different strengths and weaknesses.  My daughter Noah loves to be social and interact with others. It is one of her strengths.  But because she is young, one of her weaknesses is not knowing how to reign that in and be content playing by herself.  I've noticed as she gets older it's getting worst.  Noah doesn't know how to slow down and relax and her independent play skills are lagging as well.  So her daddy and I are starting the process not only of teaching her how to relax again but also how to be content playing on her own.  The thing is....... all kids have to learn how to be content with themselves, if not they will become adults that depend on others constantly to entertain and stimulate them.  I know, because I was one of those adults.  Being content to be by yourself and knowing when to slow down and relax is something that has to be taught to some kids.  It's just as important a skill as learning their ABC's.  I always keep in mind that Noah naturally has alot of energy and is a social butterfly who loves interacting with others.  But I don't let that overshadow the fact that she needs "downtime".  I took the first step tonite.  Even when I'm getting Noah ready for bed she acts so wired up and just won't stay still.  So, now she will have 30 minutes at night, in her room to play by herself "QUIETLY" before we start her bedtime routine; which is books, backrub, and bed.  She did it tonite and she did a great job.  I took her 4 barbie dolls, her build-a-bear and her baby doll.  Oh yeah, I gave her a couple books as well.  I found she was not as winded up when her dad was reading her books tonite.  Hopefully this helps us move in the right direction.  Nothing is good when it is excessive and we have to teach our kids that as well.   Everything in moderation.

Laugh or cry

I am choosing to laugh. I would like to get on the topic of husbands. Are they not some funny people? Granted I love my husband, he is the most awesome husband in the world to me. There are things that I have kept back from my blog just because I never want to give the wrong idea about him. But he is in fact a man, so any woman who has been married knows what I mean. Men are not that different from Each other. When I was younger people use to tell me I was funny, so I figured why not take a stab at it now. I have gotten so serious since I got married, well wait, lemme just say since I "grew up". Lemme just be honest about my dear, sweet husband. Ok, so I normally get up with Noah at around 7am every morning. I get juice snack, breakfast, etc. Ever so often I need a break from getting up in the morning and having to jump right into action, so I ask hubby to get up with Noah . He so willingly does. Well, this morning was one of those mornings. So I get up later on and ask Noah what she ate. She says she had juice, gummies , applesauce crushers. There was a choice of oatmeal, french toast, apples, and cereal. Did you notice that all the items I mentioned require just a little preparation while the one's my hubby and daughter chose have no preparation. I guess I shouldn't be to hard on them. She did have applesauce right? That's healthy......let's not talk about when something goes wrong; something spills or somebody, namely Noah gets hurt. This morning there was applesauce on the floor I said "what happened here". Hubby says, "Noah did that". Did he really think I was questioning "who" did it? I remember that him and Noah were playing one night. I hear Noah crying, I come downstairs and her lip is bleeding. I say again "what happened?" Hubby says "that was Noah, she was playing with (his) exercising wheel and fell on it". My hubby was sitting right next to her playing with her when it happened, but it was all noah's fault right? Did I mention I love my hubby. I have to go now, I am contemplating locking my 4 year old in her room for the day, so my hubby and I can relax. Would that be "abuse" if I let her out to go potty and for meals??

What you want and why???

The heart condition is about the most important thing to God when it comes to His people.  "The Heart Condition".  One might call the "heart condition"  our motives.  Many times as women we get concerned about things getting done.  We have a lot to do right?!!.  Well, not necessarily according to God.  We have created a set of values in our lives and part of them are not God's values.  Is that ok???  I don't know..............................We have the special gifts from the Holy Spirit.   These gifts are different from one believer to the next.   The Holy Spirit also gives us the motivation, inspiration, and energy to pursue those things in our daily lives.  When that inspiration, motivation, and energy are not there it's hard to do certain things.  Back to the "gifts"..................................................I find that you see some people shining ever so brightly in their gifts while others, you just see a flicker.  I'm not comparing, it's more of an observation.  I think we should all shine brightly in our gifts.  I believe the Holy Spirit gives us power to do that.  But I believe sometimes we spend so much time trying to do other things by our own power that those gifts get overshadowed by areas of our lives where we are not quite as gift.  Joyce Myers said something during one of her sermons that I will never forget.  She said that there are things that we will never be great at no matter how hard we practice or try.   She said on a scale of 1 to 10 we might be able to grow to a 5 in those areas.  She said that we need to spend more time nurturing the areas where we are strong because the world doesn't need a bunch of "5s".  She said to spend time functioning in our strengths.  Not our weaknesses.  Even now that resonates with me so strong.  What do we do about our weaknesses?  The word that comes to mind.  DELEGATE!!!. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Random, fun, useful

Caramel brûlée latte - the first one I have tried in years that I actually like. Bottoms up!
Me time today! I have work waiting for me at home but I really felt the need to go another direction today. At barnes and nobles looking at the folowwing books: "good enough is the new perfect" and " happy chaos"

Here is a good quote for moms; "you can do anything-this doesn't mean you have to do everything. How appropriate for today.

More random stuff...... I declared that I would absolutely not wear ugg boots this year. But I do miss the convenience of them. But I will resist temptation to get some. They just are not that sexy.......I refuse to let my pregnancy and a new baby take my sexy away. Granted I am not glamorous most days. But I wear my leggings instead of sweats most of the time and my hubby likes me in my leggings, it is easier for me to be comfortable and still show off my figure. I personally think leggings are a great choice for pregnancy. So much you can do with them. I am scared uggs might cause me to regress back to frumpyville.

What else..................pregnancy is going grat. Baby is always moving and it is so early. Very exciting. I am so excited to meet this little active soul.

Loving the show "reed between the lines". Can't wait to see Tyler perry's new series. Noah is turning 4 next week and impresses me every day with just who she is and who she is becoming. Have alot of deep stuff on my mind but just don't feel like being deep.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Out of a joyful heart

When your  heart swells with the overwhelming desire to give so much more to your family and community what do you do with that?  I haven't really asked myself that question until today.  Some may say act on it, that is part true but normally when your heart swells with the desire to give the desire is bigger than your energy level, your wallet or your time will allow at that very moment.  Others may say pray about it; you can't go wrong with that option.  I believe you should pray before you act on anything.  But my main point today is a swelled heart can go in two directions.  It can become a joyful heart because even though you can't fathom how you are going to do all that you want to, you are just glad to care enough to want to do so much for others.  It can also become and burdened and troubled heart because you are trying to do all your heart desires in your own strength and too quickly..  I believe that when you hit points in your life where your heart is swelled with the desire to give in so many places, it's important to pray and not to try to figure out how you are going to do it all, but rather just be happy that you want to!!!!  Because God is doing a work in  you and you have to let Him be faithful and just to complete it until Christ returns.  God's work is too big for you.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Maybe, maybe not...................

Usually I would have in my mind a plan for what I plan to get done tomorrow.  A plan that I very much need, but I'm feeling so under the weather today, I don't know what I'm going to be able to do tomorrow.  There are not many allergy meds out there that are safe for pregnant women.  The one's that are, don't work very well for me.  So I'm hoping this weather passes and it gets cold again so my allergies can feel better.  I'm really going to pray for that.  I have a feeling that I'm going to feel like this until the weather turns back cold again.  I'm hoping my family will get a home cooked meal tomorrow, but maybe they will and maybe they won't.  I'm hoping to do some work around the house, but I don't know.  I'm just hoping to be productive and be able to play with Noah a little bit.  But I don't  know about that either.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Busy woman???

I use to browse bookshelves at times when I first became a mom and I would see "Busy Mom's Guide to.......", and I would say to myself "I'm not one of 'those'". I'm not a "busy mom". "This book is not for me". But oh how the tables turn and a revelation comes. Maybe I've been in denial on some level. But I looked at my week this week and I've been running errands everyday plus getting dinner cooked for my family, plus trying to do what little cleaning I could, plus trying to stop and spend time focusing on God and His word, plus spending quality time with Noah, plus the intimate wifely duties and not to forget the family business. I have stuff to post on eBay today, an invoice to do and I have to catch up on some other accounting things. Today as I looked at all this I said to myself "Ande, you are now officially a 'busy mom'. Now maybe some of those books might help me. Admitting that I'm a busy mom might help me to take it easy on myself in terms of the things I cannot seem to get to. It is all about priorities, you can't do it all. The needs of your family members should determine priorities, not your own personal agenda.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Goals in life

I think it's important to have goals in life, things that you are passionate about achieving.  Everybody has different goals.  I don't judge others for their goals and I don't really care who judges me.  I think as a mom or dad when you are focused on your goals you have to remember their is a little person watching and in a lot of cases ready to replicate the life you are living.  When I got saved, I wanted to be the best "child of God" I could be.  I won't say "best Christian" because I know I'm human and I wasn't looking to perform for God.  But I knew I wanted to be a darn good child to my Father.  I still feel that way.  When I got married, I wanted to be the best darn wife I could be to my husband.  That was my goal.  It still is.  But I always have to keep in mind that only God knows what kind of wife Reggie needs, what things are important to our marriage and what things are not important so in order to be the best darn wife I can be to Reggie.......I have to be in tune to God and in tune to my husband.  Over the years I've realized there are things concerning "life at home" that were important to me but not all that important to him.   We all know that women know how to "make a home" but at the same time I had to let go of things that were robbing our marriage.  While  there are certain things I want in a home, certain things I want to do with our home; I won't do it at the expense of our marriage.  When I became a mom I wanted to be the best darn mom I could be.  To me that meant being accountable for all aspects of my child's life.  In the areas of health, Reggie and I have been the main decision makers, not our doctors.  When it comes to her education, we laid that foundation at home; now that she is in school I am careful to not place the responsibility of her education completely on them.  It is still my responsibility, her school is a part of a team of people that God has sent to us to help us in that area.  But Reggie and I are still the one's that God holds accountable.  In the area of her relationship with God, it is our responsibility to share God's word with her and to parent her in such a way where it will point her to God and not point her away from God.  We want her to feel the stability and the love from God through our parenting but we don't won't to try to be God in her life.  We are not perfect but we want to point her in the direction of the PERFECT PARENT.  Noah needs to know that as her parents, it is inevitable that we will fail her and disappoint her at times, but she need to know that God will never fail her.  This e-mail pretty much encompass my goals in life,  I would love to be able to minister and encourage the hearts of other women along the way.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Switching Gears

The need to switch gears.  Obviously moms have tons of things to do and roles to play, things to think about and be concerned about on a daily basis.  This can all get tiring at time and rather overwhelming.  I am learning of my own unique need to switch gears.  Give my mind some time to live somewhere else for a day.  Change my focus just for a day.  Ever so often I need a day where my mind is not in "the housework", not focused on Noah, cooking, doing dishes, doing laundry, etc.  Sometimes I do have to release my mind from that address and take up a different address in my mind.  If you don't that place of "responsibility" can become a mental prison instead of blessing.  This is something I learned very recently about myself.  I actually have learned the signs that indicate I need to take a break.  I normally start to feel intimidated by my responsibilities and I question if I can handle another day of it.  This has been kind of a revelation to me, because it doesn't happen all the time.  Maybe once every 2 to 3 weeks.  It's always the same thing that happens.  So I've learned that it's my mind's way of telling me that I need a mental break.  That's why it's so good to know yourself and your limitations.  When you have certain feelings of being overwhelmed come over you in certain intervals throughout the month or the year and it's always the same thing that happens then it's probably your body's way of trying to tell you that you need to switch gears.  It's hard to switch gears because life doesn't stop.  Your house doesn't get clean by itself, food doesn't cook itself, young children cannot raise themselves, your husband doesn't stop needing you to be his wife.  The messes will continue to made even if you haven't cleaned up the previous mess, you family might eat junk food for a day because they still are going to eat even if you haven't cooked, etc.  You get my drift.  But you have to do it.  I believe if you are in tune with God, all will go well when you do.  Walk with God and He will be a lamp to your feet and a light to your path.  But you can't let anything about your circumstances determine how you approach each day.  You have to let God determine what your attitude will be.  Sometimes you might spend the day crying, that is not a bad thing.  You just might have needed to let some things out of your system.  You never know what you are going to need on even given day but God knows your needs.  

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Colossians 4:2

Colossians 4:2 Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving;

I am susceptible to easy spirals into panic attacks.  There are triggers that cause it and I try to be very aware of those triggers.  But today was a day I could of easily got down that road.  I don't know why but some of us are just more prone to panic, anxiety, and depression.  The thing I struggle with most is allowing myself to become overwhelmed.  To many things on my mind.  My mental to-do list starts to recite itself to me.  At that point, all I one to do is jump up running from one thing to the next trying to get things done, but I have learned far too many times............that's the wrong way to respond, for me anyway.  When I do that it feeds into anxiety and worry.  Normally, I have to do the exact opposite; and that is to be still, relax, focus on God and who He is and let all those other things shrink all those other things shrink down to the size they should be in terms of importance.  The scripture above says to be vigilant in prayer. has the following meanings for "vigilant"


keenly watchful to detect danger; wary: a vigilant sentry.
ever awake and alert; sleeplessly watchful.
I don't take enough to to sit as Jesus's feet, because I'm too worried about "getting things done".  But I believe God has peace and rest for me there
At Jesus's feet life is not complicated, because Jesus makes it simple.
But people, most people like to make life complicated.  I don't think it has to be.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Being Thankful

Even though Halloween was an exhausting day.  It really made me step back and think about the season we are going into.  Thank God for the seasons.  In the Fall the leaves on the trees turn beautiful colors and provide for an amazing landscape.  It begs reason to pause and consider.  Yesterday I paused and considered.  We are going to celebrating Thanksgiving and pretty soon Christmas.  This is my favorite part of the year because I get to see family and just share in festive times and I love that!!!.  Yesterday I said to myself, "Ande it's time to stop and enjoy".   This should be the season of stopping to enjoy.  Stopping to enjoy the beauty in nature, the time with family and friends; and the good food.  Take the time to enjoy your days as we go into the holiday season.  We have been very busy during the first half of this year, right on through the summer.  Things are finally slowing down. I plan on slowing down to take everything in.  There will be time to get back to the hustle and bustle next year.

First Video of myself

I have been wanting to add videos to my blog for awhile.  This is my first one.  So I'm a little nervous.  But there will be more to come.  The thing I'm most excited about is doing videos interviewing other women who are at pivotal points in their lives.  I'm hoping I can capture them fresh in what they are going through to talk about their feelings, their plans, their faith, their lessons learned going forward, and most importantly their dreams.


Ephesians 2:10
For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

Design is very important in the way we decide to walk about to and fro in this world.  We live in a world full of influences to be like this person or that person.  We are all truly unique.  God is our Creator and He knows what kind of life we were designed to live and how we were designed to go about our business in this world.  I believe there are many occasions where some of us fight against our unique designs.  As women we feel pressure to conform in so many different ways.  God has designed an amazing role for women to play in this story of life.  It is diverse and multi-faceted.  However, if you start adding the "worlds" pressures to conform along with your god-given roles it can easily be overwhelming.  I think one of the most important pieces of information one can know about oneself is what your unique Godly design is and how it ties into the different aspects of your life.  We have a purpose and we are to fulfill it in every aspect about the way we live our lives.  Our children, have a unique design and I believe it's important as a parent to be tuned into that, so you can make the decisions for your child that are geared towards their design.  It's not always easy, but through prayer God can show you.  I know God has shown Reggie and I some things concerning Noah's design.  Noah is busy, constructive, and high energy.  She loves to learn new things.  She seems to enjoy learning things that are going to empower her.  She loves learning about God and she loves learning the skills that will be necessary for her to read and write.  She enjoys interaction with others.  She is highly interactive and socially mature.  We try to make decisions for her that are geared toward these things.  I pray that God continues to not only guide me in making the right decisions for Noah based on her purpose and design but also for myself based on my purpose and design.  He designed us with purpose in mind but only He can show us what that is.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

From Morning till Night

My daughter has always been an early bird, has never been good with naps and has never seemed to need much sleep.  She gets up now between 6:30 and 7:00 every morning.  I do put her to bed by 7pm every night since she doesn't nap but from the time she gets up in the morning from the time she goes to bed, she is on the move.  I don't know how she does it.  Even when she is obviously tired she won't sit herself down and just chill.  When we have playdates with friends her age, when they get tired they just sit down on the sofa and watch some T.V.  Noah doesn't do that alot of times.  She is like a nonstop play machine.  I get tired just being around her sometimes. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Letting go.............

My hubby and I have a contract on a house in Gainesville, VA.  It's a beautiful home.  But it's a short sale so it could take awhile before we even know if the bank is going to accept our offer.  But we strongly believe that this is the house we are going to get and it's not going to take too long to find out.  But in terms of the house we are in now.....................beautiful house but it is so not a good layout for our family.  With the pregnancy and all I have grown weary of trying to keep it organized and cleaned in such a way to fit our family.  Lately I've just been letting it go.  Not that it looks bad, because it doesn't.  It's always been kind of a high maintenance home as far as keeping it straight because of the floor plan.  It's very easy for everything to get all over the place especially with a little one.  I don't really function well with everything all over the place, but I have learned to tolerate it more lately because I'm tired of fighting against what just isn't working anymore.  I almost think God used my pregnancy to help me to realize it wasn't realistic for me to fight this battle in this house anymore the way that I was.  I do think that our next house will bring some relief and make staying organized a little easier.  For now, I'm letting go of the battle in this house. 

Fun little things

I'm so excited that I found the perfect little winter coat for my daughter.  I actually had a good idea this year of where I wanted to go with her winter wardrobe.  My daughter has a good sense of style and she enjoys wearing dresses and tights and nice boots.  Instead of just buying anything this Fall and Winter I really wanted to cater to her unique style. So after looking in about 4 or 5 stores, I found her the perfect coat at Gap Kids.  It's pink, ofcoarse she loves pink and it's got nice lining but it also reaches almost to her knees so it will keep her little legs warm this winter when she is wearing her tights and boots. It kind of flares out at the bottom which I really like because it makes the coat really versatile and gives it a little bit of a dressy appeal even though it is an outdoor winter coat.  I can't wait to show it to her I do hope she likes it.  I just need a couple of other essentials to make her wardrobe complete.  Couple more tights, couple pairs of knee socks, some more corduroy jeggings, I love how jeggings look on her.  She actually needs a lot of stuff.  I have to pace myself  I do hope she survived being outside in this cold weather at school since she insisted on wearing a dress and tights.  While I did layer her up, her little legs had to have been cold, even with the boots.  But, we'll see.  I do love that she likes wearing dresses.  She is such a little lady:)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

In the beginning

I haven't done my devotional in awhile.  Like many I fall off from reading my word every now and again.  But God sends people to encourage you to get back in it.  Get back to studying God's word and get back to praying.  He sends people to remind you that God is up to something big in  your life.  Thank you Joye and Luana.  Sometimes we can let a statement like "God is up to something big in your life" because cliche' in our minds.  Like "Yeah, yeah heard it all before".  But when you just stop and think about the God that we serve.  I mean my favorite book in the bible is Genesis.  And everytime I try to read the bible from beginning to end I get stuck on the 1st verse of the bible.  "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth".  While it know there is so much more to God's story, I just feel like this speaks proportions of who God is.  When you think about the vast expanse of the heavens.  When you think about the seasons and how everything works here on earth to sustain life.  There is just so much packed into that first verse of the bible, you could create a lifelong ministry just based on that 1 verse.  And then it says "the earth was without form and void, and darkness was on the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters".  WOW!  Scientists have their own ideas about this earth and how it was formed.  But when you think about the fact that God was here before the earth, before the heavens.  He was here, He has always been here.  You can't even fathom with your mind what such a statement.  It's too big!  But by the grace of God we can know and believe it's true.  So yes, God is up to something big in my life.  God is in the business of doing big and beautiful things because it's part of His nature.  But God is also in the business of building relationships which is part of His nature as well, and even seems to mean more to him then doing the big amazing things in our lives.  In fact maybe God thinks that having a relationship with His people is the most amazing thing of all.  Life can kind of seem unexciting, unimaginative, uneventful at times.  I can't help but remember what God did "In the beginning".  When I look outside my window I see the product of what God did "In the beginning".  Ever since I was a little girl I loved the book of Genesis.  I use to get my stepmother to read me the story of Adam and Eve over and over again.  While I appreciate the whole Word of God (Old and New Testament) I have a special affection for the Old Testament.  That's is where I get the wisdom for the discipline of my life.  That's where I get the wisdom on how to be sober.  The Israelites went through alot, and they were God's chosen people.  There life wasn't full of excitement and fireworks from heaven.  David, the man "after God's own heart". After he was annointed King, he spent a good amount of time running from Saul who sought to take his life.  He was a annointed King a long time before he was actually even able to sit on the throne and officially assume his role. He was a man of war so he probably spent more time on the battlefield than in the palace.  Then later on in life he had to flee again from his own son.  David spent alot of time running for his life and hiding in caves and such.  He spend a lot of time on the battlefield.  Sure he had some celebrations and victories but mostly David had struggles and that is the authentic life of someone who follows Christ.   

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ever wonder????

When I started this blog it was suppose to be my uncensored space in a sense.  I place for me to reflect, ponder, and dissect the issues of my everyday life.  I don't and didn't really think many people were reading it.  I kind of still wonder if I'm one of the blogs that people glance at and say "nothing interesting here" and move on.  I know it's been helpful to me, but I wonder who else it's been helpful too.  I wonder how important it is that I put a voice to the going's on of my life on a daily basis.  While I am very interested in the lives of others I don't know if people are that interested in my life.  Someone recently has caused me to think and pray about the voice that God has given me in a lost and hurting world.  There was a time where I was very vocal about my faith in God and my belief about what he would do in my life and the life of others.  That voice was quieted a little by past hurts and disappointments.  Even though there is a small voice that whispers to me, that my voice matters.  I don't know if I believe it.  I believe I went though a lot of what I went through in my life for God to show me some things so I could be wiser but to also humble me and quiet me down so I could really hear Him.  Although I believe God has me right where He wants me right now, I wonder if this place has become a certain kind of comfort zone for me.  There are conversations that I have with certain people that cause me to want to bubble over in excitement, but these days I don't really allow myself to indulge in that excitement to much.  I don't know if that a good thing.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Getting my energy back

I am getting my energy back.  I have a lot to share so I'm going to just go down a list.
Pregnancy had been kicking my behind.  Very nauseous and tired.  When Noah was at school all I did was sleep and eat and try to get our house in order with the little bit of time I had left.  With Noah, I was tired but I didn't nap much, I hate napping.  But this time around I didn't have a choice.  I was painfully tired.  Yesterday and today were the first 2 days that I've been able to stay up all day, for awhile.  It was nice to have my days back.  Thank you so much Lord for returning my strength and for all the prayers of everybody around me.  Pregnancy is going well as far as I know.  Per the advice of my cousin, I changed my diet and started trying to incorporate some new things that would help me with energy.  So I started eating clementine oranges.  They are so good.  I stopped eating the fast food that I was eating and got some soup and other easy things from Trader Joe's that I could make quickly for a quick meal during the day without cooking I had wild rice and barley soup with chicken today. I made myself a sandwich out of some Chipotle chicken that I bought from the grocery store.  I'm still pregnant so I can't do as much with Noah as I use to and I have a feeling that is forever changed.  I will always cherish the memories of all the experiences Noah and I had together when she was home with me full-time.  All the places we got to go.  Noah and I had so much fun.   Now she is a big girl and she has to go to school and I have a baby on the way and a business to run with my hubby and I have to see to those things.  Things always change, they never stay the same and it's foolish to try to keep things the same.  We have been going through the bowel movement struggle with Noah.  She has this idea that she can tell her body when she is ready to have a bowel movement instead of her body telling her.  We tried to tell her that she has to listen to her body when it comes to that but she did not listen and because I'm tired of fighting with her about it.  I took my mother-in-laws advice.  FIBER!  I went to the Vitamin Shoppe today and the girl miracle fiber.  It is a vegetable fiber that dissolves in fluid and you can bake and cook with it.  It has no taste or color. I decided I would make it so Noah could not hold her bowel movement.  I put a teaspoon of that in her apple juice along with some liquid Chlorophll and she couldn't help but go, it pushed itself out.   My mother-in-law said that sometimes you need to pack their diet with fiber to bulk up their bowel movements.  Especially because Noah doesn't really eat a whole lot.  That's all that's been going on with me.  My biggest lesson from these past 2 months is that you can't keep things in you life from changing.  You can't keep the same routines or the same diets or the same habits because life changes and it's easiest to change with it.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I said I would relax more

During my pregnancy with Noah, being a 1st time mom I wanted to get everything right from the time I found out I was pregnant to this very day.  Obviously I can't get everything right and I realize that, but it's hard because you want the best for your cause and you don't want to ever do anything to harm them.  But I said to myself when I get pregnant again I would relax more and not be so worried.  I came to this conclusion in the process of being able to witness how well God has taken care of Noah.  He has led Reggie and I in so many ways regarding her.  Now here I am on the 2nd pregnancy and stressing a little bit already.  You want to know why?  I'm only in the 4th week and the morning sickness is working overtime, so I started taking Ginger supplements, not realizing how controversial this was for pregnant women.  Obviously I am concerned about the effects on my fetus.  I'm saying to myself "Ande not already!".  I am grateful for morning sickness because it is an indication that the baby is developing.  I told myself that for the 6 months that I had it with Noah.  It feels horrible but means good things. But I am still determined to relax more during this pregnancy and not worry as much.  And stand by the following scripture. 

Psalm 139
For You formed my inward parts;
         You covered me in my mother’s womb.
 14 I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;[b]
         Marvelous are Your works,
         And that my soul knows very well.
 15 My frame was not hidden from You,
         When I was made in secret,
         And skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.

I confess this scripture over my unborn baby!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Just my life

When I started this blog, I declared it as "my space".  My therapeutic space to go through life's trials and triumphs.  But sometimes when people start reading your blog you start to question what to share.  But I love being a transparent person and I think I want to get back to doing this on the blog.  I am loving my daughter more and more everyday.  I really think my love will always increase with every passing day for her.  As  she grows God is revealing layer upon layer of her beautiful personality.  I find myself fixating on every little thing about her because she is growing so fast.  She started going to school 5 days a week about 2 weeks ago and she hasn't complained not once.  I have to believe that it's a result of constant prayer for her concerning school.  She is my beautiful little gem!  I'm loving our marriage.  Although we have our ups and downs, our arguments;  Our marriage is the most beautiful relationship I have ever experienced with another human being.  There is such a calm and peace.  The peace factor is huge!  The peace and ease that comes with 2 people choosing to be there for each other everyday, being committed to the family and truly desiring the very best for one another.  Jesus told us to take His yoke upon us and learn of him, and we would find rest for our souls.  He said that His yoke is easy and His burden is light.  As I reflect on that everyday, I apply it to my marriage.  I figured if Jesus meant for this to be how my relationship with Him should function than that is how it's meant to be with my husband.  He is the head in our marriage and represents Jesus's headship in this family. 

On another note, I always say Saturday is my Sabbath day because it's the day that I avoid work like the plague.  But this Saturday was different.  Noah needed her hair washed  and I decided to cook dinner too, since I was doing a little work I decided to go for the whole shebang and take my Sabbath today instead.  Yay!  Today is my rest day. No cooking, no cleaning.  Taking my time.  I do love my Sabbath and I am grateful for it. It keeps my week balanced and I get to rest without guilt. 

Since I am being transparent, and this is my blog I figured I can talk about how excited I am about being in the process of buying a house in VA and there is a good chance I'm pregnant.  It's not official yet, but there is a very good chance. 

Since Noah has started going to school everyday my week has been as full as ever.  Just to backtrack a little bit; not long after Reggie and I got married I took on the role of being a full-time "Homemaker".  It was a very difficult transition to go from working in the marketplace to working in the home.  I didn't know what to do and how to do it.  For a long time I wasn't very happy.  But Noah was born not long after and I was still transitioning.  Those early months were still difficult.  New marriage, living in a new city, new baby, new role in life.  It was hard.  But I kept feeling an urge to give it time.  I kept hearing the "whatever you spend most of your time doing is what you are going to get good at";  and I wanted to be a good keeper of my home.  I wanted to be a good wife and good mother.  So I followed that urge and went through the rough times, being uncomfortable and even questioning from family but encouragement from God and my hubby I have become a very happy homemaker.  I feel like I have the best job in the world!  It may be challenging but it's not stressful.  It keeps my family and I happy and healthy.  When I got married, the two things that become the most important to me in my life were being a good wife and being a good mother, if I don't excel at anything else I want to make sure I excel in those areas.   Don't get me wrong I have other strong skills in other areas, but I trust in God that if I stay focused on the right things, God will open doors of opportunities for excelling in other strengths as well.  I leave that part in His hands. 
One door He has opened is doing the Accounting and invoicing for my hubby's business.  I'm also going to start helping him with his EBay store very soon.  Thank God he has to pass more work on to me, he has to much to do it on his own. 

The big project I want to finish this year is gathering all my photographs together from around the house and getting photographs developed from our camera and off our hard drive and placing everything in a storage box together so I can finally finish my first scrap booking project and start putting pictures in photo albums. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Christ has us covered.

There are so many beliefs out there in terms of what it "should" look like to be a Christian.  Some think Christians should be poor, some think Christians should be rich.  Some know that how much you have or don't have is no indication of where you are in your walk with God.  I was reading this scripture today (Philippians 4:12,13) and Paul said that he has learned to both abound and to suffer need and then he goes on to say that he can do all things through Christ who strengthens him.  This scripture really caught my attention because of the context in which it was used.  Did you ever think this scripture would be used in the context of when you're rich, rolling in the dough and you need Christ to strengthen you so you can do it.  I guess we do.  I guess when we abound, we need Christ to strengthen us against the temptations that come along with that, so we conduct ourselves properly in the Lord.  I imagine Christ can strengthen us so that we don't overindulge and practice moderation in all things.  I guess just like we don't have to be scared to "suffer need" we don't need to be scared to abound either because we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.  It just shows that we don't need to fear any circumstance or situation because for those of us in Christ, He has our back.

Monday, August 22, 2011


My daugher started her first day of her "full-time" school schedule today.  Up until now she has only been going 2 days per week, now she is going 5 days and she seems super excited!  I thank God for confirming beyond a reasonable doubt that this was the time for her to begin this particular new stage in her life.  As she is beginning a new stage in her life, I am also beginning a new stage in mine.  A stage that I am feeling surprisingly confident about.  I am going from having a preschooler at home with me most of the time, preparing learning activities for her, coordinating fun things to do and playdates; to being at home all week without her.  I'm handing over some of the reigns of my daughters development to someone else.  But she is truly blessed to be going to the school where she goes and the people there are loving, compassionate and engaged in the children there.  I know God has placed this school in our  lives.  I'm also in the process of looking for work myself.  I am trying to get back into the administrative field.   I have over 8 years experience and that field has been really good to me.  During those 8 years, I have had many exciting opportunities to grow and spread my wings.  So I'm turning back to the field hoping God will show the same grace and favor He has in the past.  So I'm starting this process of looking for work and I'm not looking for things to happen overnight, I'm just excited about what kind of work God is going to do in me through this process.  I have this weird confidence.  Like I walked into 2 different company offices today, introduced myself, told them I was looking for administrative work and gave them my resume'.  I didn't feel shy or anything; and I've never done that before.  In that past I use to want God to show me where everything is going to end up, but right now I'm genuinely in a  place where I just want God work in me.  Another "process" our family is going through is looking to buy a house.  We have been looking for quite some time.  Just haven't found the right place.  Another thing different about me is that I would normally be overly eager to find something.  But again I'm really excited about what this "process" will reveal to us about ourselves and what we really want and what is really going the be right for our family.  Again, I actually want God's will with no conditions attached.  I'm just waiting for his will to be unveiled slowly but surely and again I look forward to what will happen with our walk with Him as a result.  

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Saturdays are my "Don't take life too seriously" day.
Saturdays are my "Don't worry how much T.V. my daughter watches" day.
Saturdays are my "Avoid cleaning like the plague" day.
Saturdays are my "Don't worry about my family's nutrition" day.

Saturdays are definitely my sabbath days.  See on Friday things are kind of tapering to go into my Sabbath day.  Like I normally don't cook on Fridays, but I do clean and make sure Noah is occupied with fun productive activities.  Sundays are like my jumpstart for the week.  I jump back on the cleaning bandwagon on Sunday, the cooking bandwagon too.  I'm back to doing activities with Noah and I'm thinking about the week ahead.  As God would have it, I do only has 1 day a week for a day of rest and thank God for it. 


Friday, August 19, 2011

Cleaning tip - Microwave

I just tried this and it is wonderful.  Take 1/2 cup of white distilled vinegar and place it in a microwave safe bowl.  Then mix 1/2 cup of water with the vinegar.  Place the bowl in the microwave and heat it to a rolling boil.  It will loosen any caked on food and remove any odor.  Afterwards just wipe down with a clean rag.  It took me all of about 4-6 minutes. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Staying Connected

Staying connected with friends helps you to know that you are not in this thing called life all by yourself.  Everybody has trials and tribulations that they are going through right now, but the worst thing that people do is isolate themselves when they are going through.  The devil loves it when people do that.  Because is makes them think they are all alone and even worst it creates a mindset that says "I'm the only one that struggles with this".  Both lies.  When the devil gets you alone, he can then fill your head with all sorts of crap.  Being a full-time homemaker, it is much opportunity to feel lonely.  But connecting with my friends and getting together in the morning for coffee and conversation helps me to start my day with others and go through it knowing that I have friends on this journey with me. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kids Stuff

The is a company that sells Christian Devotional Products for children and adults.  Below is the devotional I've been using for Noah

She loves this devotional.  The devotional is written for the bible below:
 You can get this bible used on Amazon for real cheap and the devotional is about $10.00.  They are very short devotional and the questions are simple but engaging enough for your child to remember some key points about the bible stories

Quick Tips

I have been reading some posts recently on people having problems keeping their granite counter tops clean.  Well, one particular post had a lady that said it seems she has to go over them with a rag several times before the feel smooth and clean.   Well I had the same problem.  Today I figured it out.  After dinner I took a clean damp rag and wiped over my granite counter tops to get all the crumbs and spills up. Then once I got the crumbs and spills up I went back over them with a dry paper towel.  They were smooth after that.  I feel like when you let them dry on their own they don't get as clean and also the paper towel not only gets up the water so they are dry but also any extra residue you may have missed.

Another easy thing to do at night, like if your sink is looking a bit dingy and you want it to shine.  After you do your dishes and rinse any food down the drain, put some baking soda around you sink and in your drain.  Wipe the baking soda around the surface of your sink with a wet rag then rinse with hot water.  Not only will your sink shine, but the baking soda will eliminate any strong odors that might have come out of the drain later.

New stage

My daughter Noah will be starting the Fall going to her school 5 full days a week.  The weird thing is that I have a have this unshakable heavy peace about it.  Although I have plenty to keep me busy, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with 3 extra days a week that I'm use to being with Noah.  Even though I have plenty to keep me busy, life is not really about just being "busy".  It's weird because I'm kind of excited.  And it's not like "Oh, I'm finally free" type of excited because I love being home with Noah. It's more like "I wonder what God has for me" kind of excited. Even though I'm tempted to do a little schedule for myself.  I'm not going to do that just yet.  Don't want to get ahead of God.  I'm going to start off next week with the same schedule I've been keeping and then just see what kind of flow I fall into and how God leads me.  I'm excited.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just want my coffee

I woke up this morning and "I just wanted my coffee".  But before that could happen I had to get my daughter's shows on, get her juice in her hand and get her breakfast on the table.  I dragged my foot through the normal motions of the morning, tired be ever so grateful for my life.  Noah went through a spell this week of waking me up in the middle of the night and last night was the first night that we were back to normal.   Although I feel like it's been a long time before I actually woke up rested.  But I'm not complaining because once I get going I'm ok.  I've been trying to eat healthy breakfast.  Oatmeal this morning.  I'm trying to start our morning slow and a little lazy this morning.  We will be going to the pool with friends at around 11am. Normally I would of planned some activities for Noah this morning, but Reggie and I had a long day tomorrow and I just didn't have the energy to prepare.  So I'm getting myself I "Get out of activities, to rest" card.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Mondays are actually the only day of the week where I intentionally focus the majority of my attention on Noah.  It's kind of "Spotlight on Noah" day.  I was a little tired today, so I wasn't as energetic as I normally am but we were still able to get out to our new, neat little place we found, that has like 12 swingsets inside a showroom with 2 big trampolines.  It's this company that sells swingsets and slides.  They have a freeplay twice a week in their showroom that's free for kids 8 and under from 10am -1pm.  I'm keeping it a secret, because as of now not many people know about it.  We made it to that, which gives me a chance to run around with Noah a little bit and jump on the trampoline with her and stuff.  Then we went to the Vitamin Shoppe.  We vacuumed the car and came home.  She had a little T.V. time, ate lunch, bathroom Then we hung out in her room reading books and going over her sight words.  Then we designed an invitation to give to her daddy for the fashion show that we are doing for him tonite at 5pm.  We got the idea from one of her barbie books.  I like to do special stuff with her on Mondays.

Can we "hurt" God?

I believe the answer is "yes".  I mean didn't it hurt Jesus when He was nailed to the cross? Although He was God, He had taken on human form.  It hurt Him just as bad as it would hurt any of us.  Didn't it hurt Jesus while He suffered for our sin.  He was without sin.  He was the only perfect man that walked the face of the earth.  But He was a man and it hurt Him.  If God was not hurting for His people, why would He send His only son, Jesus Christ to die for us.  God took action and these actions had to come from a place of grief and compassion for His people.  So yes, we have hurt Him and continue to hurt Him when we reject Him.  He does hurt because He loves us.  See, God is the inventor of love.  He is the source of true love, the only source.  God has made us the object of his affection.  It was a love affair that started in the garden of Eden long ago,  God didn't just want to "create" something, He yearned for a relationship with His creation.  Even though you can experience the results of some of the attributes of God through nature, He did not make "nature" or "animals" in His image.  He said "Let us make man in our image".  "In the image of God He created him.  Male and Female He created them."  According to His likeness. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Gift

Once upon of time there was a girl and God gave that little girl a violin and she enjoyed that violin and played very well.  When she got older, God came to her and said "Remember I gave you a violin, won't you play it for me?"  The girl said "I don't feel like playing it, plus it's not that important to anybody.".

On night the same young woman was sitting on the couch and she heard a tune in her head.  She thought "Maybe I should get up and write down the notes to this tune" Then she said "No, I don't feel like it and it's not that important to anyone."

On another night, the same young woman had a particular feeling of joy in her heart and she wanted to express it in music but she thought to herself "No, I don't feel like it plus it's not that important to anyone".  Then God said to her "It's important to me.  I want to hear it.  Would I have given you this wonderful gift of being able to play the violin, if I didn't want to hear it."

God has given gifts to us.  Not all gifts are public gifts that are going to be broadcast all over the world, some are very private gifts, meant for the communing of you and Lord.  I think those of us who are not in the public eye can tend to make light of the gifts that God has given us.  Maybe we shouldn't do that.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Peace w/God

It's funny how people will believe these author's of all these "Self-Help" books but won't believe what the bible says.  I know it's hard to believe someone that you can't see.  But God is more "real" then any person I've ever seen with the naked eye.  I would surely believe Him over anybody else.  Not only is He my Father, but my closest friend.  We live in a fallen world and it has invaded our family structure, so we don't always have good examples of what fathers should be to their children.  We do have a Father in heaven and if we let Him he will take authority over our lives and guide us along a path that will always lead to Him.  Everyday we can find comfort and peace in Him because it is His to give to us.  We can't find peace anywhere else.  Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace, you can't find it with anyone else.  Thank God that I am at peace with Him now and I am no longer at enmity with Him

Sunday, July 31, 2011

With you always

Jesus tells his disciples "lo, I am with you always, even until the end of the age".(Matthew 28:20).  This was a very comforting thought in my devotional today.  It's my Father telling me, he will always be with me.  Who doesn't want that.  When you know your Father is with you, you can stand tall.  When your Father is with you, you can walk boldly.  When your Father is with you, you can love passionately.  When your Father is with you, you can give of yourself completely.  When your Father is with you, you don't have to be scared.  When your Father is with you, you feel accepted.  When your Father is with you, you feel strong.  When your Father is with you, you feel free. 

The waves of life beat against and the current of life tries to drag you away, but you can take comfort that you are safe in the shadow of His wings and nothing can take you out of the palm of His hand.  You may feel the beat of the waves but they won't take you down.  You may feel the pull of the current, but it won't take you away.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Help Fight Cruelty to Animals

I am happy to announce my first online event in which a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a nonprofit organization.  The organization I'm teaming up with for this event is the SPCA of Anne Arundel County.  The SPCA is a nonprofit organization that removes animals from unsafe conditions.  They take in 3,400 animals annually and they do not receive any government funding. Please join me as I join them in fighting animal cruelty by shopping my online Avon store!  The link is below

Lazy Saturdays

I love Saturdays because I don't have to be on such a tight schedule.  It's the one day of the week that I don't worry about cooking or keeping the house in order.  I get to start my morning very slow and I don't have to worry about being ready to get Noah busy by 8:30am doing activities and playing with her.  I don't have to be "productive"  I guess Saturday is my "Sabbath" day in a sense.  Saturday is the day we hang out as a family.  Today we are suppose to go to the pool, then we have the sitter coming at 4pm to watch Noah so Reggie and I can spend some time together. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Remembering and Reflecting

Almost 10 years ago I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.  God somehow got me to the place and time of my conversion.  I can't take credit it.  Somehow God saved me.  I really don't know how He did it, He just did.  I don't know how in the world He reached into my heart and turned it towards Him.  Turning away from the partying, the drinking, the sex.  How in the world?  It wasn't an intellectual process of my thinking these things through and deciding somehow that they were not beneficial for me.  No, that wasn't what happened.  I know for a long time I wanted something better for my life, but I didn't know what that was or how to get there, but God did!  It was all God.  He appealed to my heart in a way that only He can to draw me to Himself and to the life He wants for me.  Trust me, God has a good plan for our lives if we follow His plan. 

Then I got married almost 5 years ago.  I'm not going to lie it was hard in the beginning.  Your bringing all your stuff into a lifelong relationship with someone else and starting the journey of becoming one; it's not easy at first.  As we approach our 5 year anniversary, I find myself comparing it to when I got saved.  Somehow my husband and I have gotten to this amazing place in our marriage.  It's amazing to me, I can't speak for him.  Somehow, I'm on fire for him again just like when we were dating.  Somehow when I take in a glimpse of him I have to look away if I am to contain myself.  Somehow I have this huge crush on my husband.  I'm like "Wow, how in the world did I get here?".  I can't say exactly how I got to this place in our marriage, but I can say that the more I rest, trust, and abide in the grace of God; the more I'm able to receive the grace my husband extends.  It seems "being at rest in the grace of God" is a good look for me and it turns my husband on.   

Overwhelmed? Then God speaks.....

Sometimes.............ok, I'm lying.............Many times, I wake up and I don't feel ready to face the day. My to-do lists along with my aspirations and desires seem to crush me before I can even get started. I get overwhelmed at the very thought of tackling the various things on my plate and on my mind. Then I freeze. You know like when a deer gets caught in front of the headlights of a car in the middle of the night; he freezes right in the middle of the road. Today I had that very situation. So I stopped and took a look at myself. These days I don't like to spend too much time concentrating on myself, because it's not very fruitful. I'd rather look at God. There are times where it is beneficial for me to stop and take a look at what's going on with me (my thoughts, my heart, etc.) I only take a pause.Today, I considered and I said to myself and maybe God was listening (wink) "Can I just take peek inside my life and look at what's going on or what's not going on?" and as clear as day I heard "Do not worry about your life". Then I looked up the scripture that says that very thing:

Luke 12

22 Then He said to His disciples, “Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; nor about the body, what you will put on. 23 Life is more than food, and the body is more than clothing. 24 Consider the ravens, for they neither sow nor reap, which have neither storehouse nor barn; and God feeds them. Of how much more value are you than the birds? 25 And which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature? 26 If you then are not able to do the least, why are you anxious for the rest? 27 Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; and yet I say to you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. 28 If then God so clothes the grass, which today is in the field and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, how much more will He clothe you, O you of little faith?
29 “And do not seek what you should eat or what you should drink, nor have an anxious mind. 30 For all these things the nations of the world seek after, and your Father knows that you need these things. 31 But seek the kingdom of God, and all these things[c] shall be added to you. 

So first God tells me "Don't worry about my life" how opposing is that from what we hear in the world.  Then He says to "Consider the ravens."  That is certainly not what the "Life Coaches" of today are teaching us; but it certainly seems to be God's answer to my dilemma today.  Then He says to "seek the Kingdom of God".  God is not leaving me to twiddle my thumbs with nothing to do.  For me, "seeking the Kingdom of God" means making daily decisions in a way that gets attention off of me and keeps it on serving others.  I find that when I don't focus/reflect to much on myself it leads to greater maturity and trust in God and it has also yielded some amazing fruit.  So, there you have it.  It was God's simple answer to my complicated question.  "Do not worry about your life"

Monday, July 18, 2011

Compassionate and Gentle Discipline

Children can bring out the best and sometimes the worst in you. They challenge to your greatest depths and carry you to your greatest triumphs. You fustration and emotions can be taken to great extremes. But I know in my heart that children need to see self control in their parents. If children know they can trigger your fustration or anger than they will work to do it. They feel like they are in control of something when you allow them to control your emotions. One of the things that I don't like doing with Noah is raising my voice. It normally just makes situations worst and it doesn't exemplify a calm way of handling situations. So I am committed to trusting God to help me not to raise my voice at Noah anymore. You are much more in control of your child when you are able to institute punishments and consequences in a calm manner. When I yell at Noah normally it's because I'm trying to talk over her crying and get a point across to her. But I realize now that my getting my point across is not as productive as allowing Noah to calm down and then talking to her. In life we get in such a rush that we sometimes don't even make time to discipline our children in a way that gentle and compassionate. I know, I feel much compassion for Noah in her selfish, rebellious tendencies because I'm the same way. As a child of God, I know I give Him a hard time about stuff in my own childish way. I'm just hoping I can stop trying to compete with her crying by raising my voice.

Hard, but it works!

I love my little girl, Noah. There are times where Noah does some things that warrant more than a timeout or spanking. She gets an actual punishment. The punishments normally have the most impact on her. Most of the time she loses her T.v. Shows for an extended period of time, like for a whole day. If she misbehaves before bedtime and does one of those specific things that warrant a punishment I will let her know she gets no T.V. in the morning, which is her favorite time to watch T.V. This morning Noah is without her "Shows". When I start to feel bad about punishing her, I just remind myself of how much her behavior has improved in other areas as a result of being punished. I remind myself of some of the things she use to do and she doesn't anymore because of being punished. She has done well and I'm very proud of her, but I realize that I have to continue to allow her to experience the consequences of her bad behavior so she can continue to grow and learn. It is our job to train a child up in the way they should. God charges us as parents with that. While He is willing to help us and guide us, we have to be willing. Another thing that motivates me, is when I think about what will happen in the future if I don't discipline her now, not a pretty picture. It easier for them to learn these lessons now than later. And the costs of these lessons will be much higher as they get older.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Get comfortable, it never ends

Many a mom with grown children have told me once you become a mom, mothering never ends. It never stops. I believe them. Because I look at my mom and other mothers in our family with grown children and they are just as busy taking care of family as they ever were it seems.Not only are you still mothering your own children, but you are mothering your grandchildren and sometimes even mothering your own aging parents. This is the cycle of life. I am just beginning my journey in mothering. I think I need to grab some popcorn, a good movie, a cozy blanket and get comfortable because this is my life. There is no turning back now. Mothers are busy not matter what the situation is, whether in the workplace or at home. We are busy serving. However I tend to think a fellow co-worker or superior in the workplace has the capacity to show a little more mercy than a toddler at home. I'm sure many reading this can relate to this. But the minute I get up, the demands start to the tune of "I want juice and a snack and to watch my movie"
"I'm done with my juice"
"I want something else"
"Mommy do you want to play with me"
"Are we gonna do activities?"

These comments summarize what the rest of my day is pretty much going to look like. My daughter has a script that plays out in her mind everyday all day. So predictable, the same script. I'm serious. She is seriously a creature of habit. That's why I do try to force her out of her comfort zones on a regular basis. What else can I say about this mothering thing in the 3 minutes I have before I have to prepare Noah's "activities" for the morning? I think mothering is most enjoyable when you don't try to fight the natural flow of it. Embrace your lifelong journey of nonstop daily service to your family and lean on God the whole step of the way.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My fellow "Mommy Bloggers"

I am so glad to have come across so many great blogs by other moms. I am learning and getting a lot of encouragement. Many of these women are great business women as well, I can tell. As a mom trying to build a business again, I think that all these friendships that are beginning couldn't of started at a better time. Thank you to all my new friends in the universe of "Mommy Blogging".

A little at a time

Being a stay-at-home mom and having a little one home with me 3 days during the week can make building a business into a very slow process.  But I have to remind myself of the saying that "slow and steady wins the race". While I'm sitting here building my business, feeling like I don't quite know what I'm doing yet, and feeling like the process is at a snails pace;  I remind myself that "my daddy" will bless my efforts.  It's not so much about whether or not I know what I'm doing, as it is about my trusting the Lord.  Trusting the Lord creates the soil that bears the fruit.

$$s for online hosting

I am looking for individuals to host Epartys for my Avon business.  If you would partner with me in hosting a party, you would receive 15% of all the sales from that party.  If you are interested, it's very easy.  I set it up on my Avon website and assign you a promo code.  That's how I will track the party so you get you 15% of the sales. All you would need to do is send out e-mails and/or post on your blog.  You can just tell friends. If you are interested send me your name, contact phone number and e-mail  Partnering is how businesses grow and I am looking for partners.  Fundraising is also an area I'm looking to create partnerships and use this business to help those in need. 

Ande Carr

My awe factor

The childlike "awe" factor is an amazing thing in the life of an adult.  Just that thing that never fails to make your mouth fall open as you're thinking "wow".  Mine is the simple fact that God was here before anything thing else ever existed, when the earth was without form and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep.  The fact that God has always been here.  He is like this "Master of our universe, of our world". This person who has been here forever and created this entire world loves me individually, is my friend and my Father.  What kid wouldn't want the "Creator of the whole world" as his/her Father.  That's my awe factor.  God can bring out the child in you if you let Him.

Genesis 1
The History of Creation
 1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was[a] on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Keep it simple

We all have a specific way that we function best. Some of us enjoy being more structured and some not so much. Some of us like a tight schedule, some a loose schedule and some no schedule at all. I think it is important to discover and remember how you function best as a mom and as a person. This world pulls you in so many different directions as a woman, to be so many different things. But what God calls us to is normally simple. Consult the "Lord of Lords" for wisdom on your design. Ask Him the best way for you to function. I believe grace comes with being more accepting of yourself and how you are designed. How fustrating it must be for God, seeing us struggle the way we do trying to fit ourselves into molds that we were not made to fit into. He must wonder "Why doesn't she just ask me, I can show her the mold I designed her for". Keep your life simple and call Him when you need Him.

Acts 4:12
New King James Version (NKJV)
12 Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”

Friday, July 1, 2011

They can't help it!

Last week my pastor talked about how Jesus came to set us free. But what really stuck with me was the purpose for which we've been set free. We have been set free by Jesus's loving sacrifice so we would be free to love ourselves and others in a way the pleases God. Young children don't always make that easy. Especially when you are going through something. Like when you barely have a voice and you are trying to get it back for a cruise you are going on in 2 days. I'm just saying............
When I tell my daughter that I need to give my voice a break she goes on like I didn't even say anything, like "I still want you to give me what I want". I know kids are born with selfishness already programmed in them. My daughter seems to mistake me for a waitress/slave sometimes so I'm trying to set the record straight. People like to say that young children are pure. It's so not true. While I believe that when children are young and don't know any better God you can't blame them. I think "they don't know any better" is a better statement to use then the word "pure". But I do know that there comes a time in a child's life as a parent to lovingly start holding them accountable for their behavior. My daughter is 3. I am starting to really enforce consequences for her actions, but I also told her that when she turns 4 yr old we are going to have some new rules in our house for her. I'm not the strictest parent, because it's not my personal parenting style. However, there are times where I have to put my own personal preferences aside in order to be the parent that my daughter needs me to be right now.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stopped Short

We are going on a cruise in 3 days, so My focus today was getting the laundry done and packing. The cruise is 7 days. In addition to washing & folding laundry I also vacuumed our bedroom and 2 stories of stairs, and the living room. It's already 2pm and I haven't cleaned the kitchen yet. I've stopped short once again from all I wanted to accomplish. I just get tired after 3 or 4 hours of household chores. Go figure. My body tells me "I can't do anymore." I have to respect that but it also means I will be cleaning the kitchen while I'm cooking dinner. Not my favorite way to do it, but that's ok. What would really bless me is if I could find these gloves that are used for cooking. These disposable gloves. I hate touching poultry and I tried to find these gloves at Safeway but they were sold out. Praying that I find them at Shoppers. I guess I'm off to the store once I start the dishwasher. That's my day in a nutshell so far. When I get a descent phone maybe I can enhance my blog posts with pictures. But until then......................


Over the last couple days I've thought about my life, my family, my friends, my business, and my blog.

John 8:32 says "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free". There is a very simple area of my life where there is some bondage. I'm caught between 2 worlds that existed when I was very young. The world of "my mother" and the world of "my father". They were divorced and polar opposites. Obviously their worlds and environments were totally different. There were extremes involved here. I lived with mom but also spent summers and weekends with dad. I loved my mom and dad but because they were such extreme opposites I guess it was hard for me to figure out where I fit between their 2 worlds. I say this more as an adult. I feel like if I'm not "like" this parent then I must be "like" that parent. It's like I'm having a problem accepting my own unique identity in certain areas, for fear that...............well. An area I guess I need to work on is loving and accepting myself. Not loving myself only IF I'm "this way" or "that way" but just loving myself because God loves me. I believe that will free me up to love others more. I believe this would open the doors to alot of blessing in my life.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Worst mom award

This is going to be a short post. I had nothing to cook for dinner tonite. I thought about making rice with corn but we are not vegetarians. It could of worked I suppose. I wouldn't of had a problem with it but my husband would of. I was out all day working on some stuff for my Avon Business. So my 3yr old opted for french toast and I gladly gave it to her. Nothing for my husband but hopefully the crumb cake I have in the oven will soften the blow.

Great Marketing Tool

I am big on following blogs and learning about products I'm interested in. I'm big on re-posting stuff that catches my eye and tweeting things that get my attention. If you are following me on twitter or on this blog, you can definitely expect me to visit and read your blog and follow you on twitter.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Noah is punished today.

Well, Noah has officially began her training on how to behave properly. Today he daddy got her up and she was downstairs just crying for no reason and would not stop.  Maybe she had her own reasons, like an effort to wake me up so I could come downstairs.  Either way she was being bad and not listening.  Not only did she go in timeout in her room but she also lost her T.V. shows for the entire day and dad is making sure I enforce it.  I do realize that at some point in a child's life you must start to enforce strict discipline.  A child who does not have an understanding of consequences and does not have any boundaries is going to make for a very unhappy life for that child when they grow up.  Most of us are way to focused on making our child "happy" now.  Doing so steals their future happiness.  We love Noah and we know she is going to spend a lot more time as an adult than she is as a child, so we want to set the stage for her to become a happy, healthy adult.  Punishing her is not easy, but I will have to keep my mind focused on the benefits of the scripture below:
Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Will I ever catch up

Lately I've been feeling like I've been getting more and more behind on housework.  I've been so picky about bringing in professionals to clean my house.  But I think it's going to have to come to that.  This weekend I was a little under the weather with allergies and we are going on a 7 day cruise this Sunday.  We are going to have to bring somebody in to clean when we get back because I don't think I'm going to be able to get back on track on my own.

Some of my new favorite makeup products!

Just got this product in the mail and tried it.  Everything they say about it in the reviews is true.  I works like a primer, it has an SPF 20 which is great.  I got the smooth minerals pressed powder with it and I'm normally not fond of a pressed powder foundation.  But I used the MagicX face perfector under it and it went on so smooth.  The reviews said it keeps your make-up in place all day without having to touch it up.  I'll post later on whether it did that.  My next post will be showing the foundation I ordered which I was able to order in the perfect shade without having to try a sample first.  The pictures they show on the website are true to shade. This product is only $10.00.  I am just beginning my Avon business.  So if you have a need for a product like this, try this one and order through my online store.  Just click on the link below and it will take you to it.  Thank you so much for helping me build my business.  I am very grateful.

This is the foundation I was talking about above.  It went on very well.  The reviews said that it was great at keeping your face from becoming oily which I really needed.  I ordered the perfect shade without having to try a sample.  Pictures on website are true to shade.  My shade is called Spice.  If you are looking for a foundation to keep your face from being oily try this.  Especially if you are like me and have been wanting to try a mineral foundation.  Get the MagicX face perfecter with it.  Every review said that this product worked amazingly with the MagicX face perfecter applied before you apply it.

Friday, June 24, 2011

I love my daughter, BUT!

My 3 yr old is really irritating me right now.  I need help trying to keep what's suppose to be a fun day, fun and relaxed in the midst of my daughter's irritating habits.  So I tell her  "Eat your breakfast because we are going to the water park".  It's indoors and they don't allow food.  She lets her breakfast sit and sit, claiming that she wasn't hungry.  So we walk down the 20 steps outside our house to get in our car...........once we are in the car she says "I want my snacks".  I'm like "no, those snacks are for while we are out at the water park".  Then I'm like "If you're hungry, go back inside and eat that french toast".  She says "Ok".  Back up the 20 steps and another 15 steps to get upstairs in our house so she can eat the breakfast I told her to eat earlier.  Now we are really off schedule.  Instead of going to the bank before our friends get here we have to wait until after they get here and I desperately have to get to the vitamin shop.  Which is kind of making us run late.  It's seems like you can never be on time with Preschoolers in tow.  You're either going to be early or your going to be late.  Well, that's been my experience.     

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